Flickr has released a new app for desktops called Flickr Uploader. David Pogue demonstrates several new features that allow you to have a full online backup of every photo you’ve ever taken and why it’s a better solution than iCloud Photos (it’s free!).

As a Beta release, Flickr Uploader is as simple as it gets.

Download and install the app, sign in with your Flickr account, select what local directories you’d like Flickr Uploader to automatically upload images from and that’s it. Once installed, you’ll be prompted whenever a new photo is recognized (similar to dropbox). You choose if you want to send it to the cloud or not.

There are some limits related to the amount of data that can be uploaded with a free Flickr account and Pogue provides those in his video. Even so, consider that you could potentially have every photo you’ve ever shot saved to the cloud, for free, forever.

I’ll be trying it out over the coming weeks and will post a note on my experience with it in the future.

Read Mr. Pogue’s entire story and view his brief video in his post titled, “The 7 New Flickr Features That I’m Not Allowed to Review.