A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to home brewing. Mind you, I have yet to acquire any of the materials, paraphernalia required to brew at home, but together, we’ve made some pretty good beers.

As much as I would like to get all the parts necessary to prepare beer, the costs of making it, plus the time involved,  plus the delay in getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor makes going to the store and buying some cold bombers the most practical way to go. Until I saw this…

This is the Picobrew Zymatic. It can brew a batch of beer in four hours. Not only that, using their website, you can locate a style of beer and with just a few clicks of the mouse, tweak it to perfection. Picobrew’s customers can then share their distinctive recipes with each other and make an exact copy of the batch and enjoy a concoction constant in color, flavor, and hoppiness.

A single brew making machine and keg will set you back $1,700 bucks but for real beer heads, consider the cost of the equipment required to build out your own brewing system, factor in the time and energy you need to expend and you may end up saving in the end. Why? Simply because you’ll most likely turn around more beer.

If you’re interested in this most awesome appliance, Picobrew is taking pre-orders at this time and will start churning out Zymatic’s soon.

via Picobrew’s Zymatic brews beer with a mouse click – YouTube.