What’s is Microsoft’s New Fluent Design?

Microsoft’s has revealed some new enhancements to their user interface. They are calling it Fluent Design. Microsoft’s new Fluent Design will make its way to all devices over time. The new look is both minimal with hints of texture and translucent touches.


What Is It Like?

Fluent Design appears to be a cross between Apple’s macOS (which was a riff on Microsoft’s Metro UI) and Google’s Material Design. While not entirely flat, hints of depth, light, and texture (acrylic texture to be exact) help provide visual queues to buttons and functions. These queues will help aid users toward interactive areas. The new language has fluidity. The video shows an element on a Windows Store page. Notice the use of parallax and simple three dimensional motion. The effect is similar to Apple’s tvOS.

This video captures the essence of the new interface language…

Fall Creators Update

The upcoming Fall Creators Update will introduce some of the new features, with more dripped as future updates are released. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft’s new Fluent Design, head on over to their micro site by clicking here.