Volkswagen has recently announed a new Polo GTI R5 for 2018. The new Polo will be a customer racer for the 2019 season.

According to reports, the car’s development began in earnest early in 2017. Test drives are planned for later this year. The new ride was managed by the team responsible for VW’s dominant 2013 to 2016 championship seasons. The development team includes Technical Director François-Xavier Demaison, who designed the Polo R for WRC. Also working on the project is former race engineer,  Gerard-Jan de Jongh as the senior engineer. If the sketches are any indication, this is going to be an amazing looking ride. Slung low, with gaping lower front cooling inlets, and broad shoulders cut with crips lines across the upper third of the car. No powertrain information has been noted at this time. The sixth generation VW looks to be awesome. Have some thoughts on the car? Discuss below!