This wonderful little film centers on a man who upon losing his job decided to start creating an experience he was passionate about. It seems what he created led him on a journey that had Audi Canada ring him to request a one off installation for a campaign they were running.

The man is David Beattie and his passion is an art that some might consider just a toy. His band of designers, and engineers are all artists too in their own way. Some dabble in code, others in design, one a full on IT guy. All working to make reality out of the fantasy that resides in David’s mind.

This film hit home for me. You see, my first memory of motor racing does not come from my dad taking me and my family to the premier Long Beach Grand Prix. Nope. It came three years before, the day my childhood friend Tracy invited me over to play. When I arrived at his garage, I looked up as he was lowering this large piece of plywood that was attached to pulleys. Soon before my eyes was the most amazing thing I ever saw. I remember playing with this for hours and dreamed of the day I could have one.

David’s creations bring back fond memories for me and for many and create new ones for those who’s idea of fun is shooting virtual zombies while sitting in front a flat panel. After a few minutes with one of David’s creations they soon realize that something so simple and tactile can be just as sophisticated and exciting as leveling up on the latest Playstation game.

I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did.

via Painting Coconuts – A man’s story of | Audi Canada – YouTube.